DREVAL D-4850 Semi Commercial Multi-Layer Hepa AIR PURIFIER HUMIDIFIER

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  • 7 Stage Air Purification
  • HEPA 13 (Second best of HEPA14 used in laboratory air purification)
  • Humidifier
  • Sleep mode
  • Silent operation
  • Air quality auto monitoring and display

DREVAL D-4850 – Multi Layer HEPA Air Purifier Humidifier:

Use the DREVAL D-4850 just once, and it becomes obvious why it’s such a big deal. And while it delivers air purity and functionality far beyond your expectations, the price is surprisingly affordable.

Take for example our Whisper-Quiet Low-Speed Fan.

It was customized with a restful sleep in mind. Because we studied the most soothing decibel range, we set the low-speed fan to <20dB – literally, less than a human whisper. When you select sleep mode, your Purifier automatically runs on low speed and switches off its own lights, so you can breathe easy, knowing the air is clean, and you won’t be disturbed.

Naturally, you’re using this Air Purifier to filter particles like odors, dust, toxins, smoke, germs, pet hair, and dander so you can treat allergies, and support your family’s health and comfort. If you’re like most people, you’ll appreciate knowing that no particle is left behind! So as you can see, we’ve built your unit with a unique 8-in-1 Super Filtration System. It removes 99.99% of airborne particles as tiny as 0.01 microns.

It even humidifies the driest of air!

And because you need to cover spaces large and small we’ve increased the output to 850 square feet! Obviously, this unit is all you need for a large family room, children’s bedroom, or even that generously sized 1-bedroom apartment!

So now you can see the DC-4850 makes perfect sense for anyone needing 100% peace of mind about reducing family exposure to dirty, irritating air, harmful gasses and bad odors.

The D-4850 Is So Simple A Child Could Use It
(… But Don’t Worry; It Comes With A Childproof Lock!)

Just one touch of the ‘on’ button and your Air Purifier will filter 99.97% of the particles out of your home. But if you want 99.99%, simply press the UV and ION buttons for sterilization and purification. You can also set wind speed and a timer. Customize your purifier to suit your personal situation.

When it’s time for undisturbed rest in the continuous clean air, just press the sleep button. The intelligent function keeps the wind gear low and quiet, and the unit’s lights switched off.

How would you like the DC-4850 to do all the thinking for you? With the machine switched on, set it to Auto Mode, and the Smart Sensor will automatically adjust the wind gear according to air conditions. Switch out the lights in auto mode, and your unit will drift into sleep mode with you. How smart is that!

Reduce dry air without even touching a button! Activate the Humidifier automatically by filling the water container and powering up your unit as usual. It’s too easy.

Along with its childproof lock, remote control and Smart Alert telling you when to clean each filter, you can see the DC-4850 just makes sense for anyone wanting clean air, without any added frustration.



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Why should I buy a Dreval air purifier rather than another brand?

Dreval is rooted in quality, customer service, and customer satisfaction. We stand behind our products and are always here to help you. When you purchase from Dreval, you are guaranteed to receive a product that you will love, customer support whenever you need it, and drastically improved breathing conditions. Secondly, the Dreval air purifier is unique and unmatched in its features, functions, and benefits.

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