Alkaline Water Ionizer Hydrogen Machine 9 Plates

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Dual Filtration

Built-In UV Lamp

Low Acidic pH

High Alkaline pH


Acts as a powerful antioxidant, improves cellular hydration, bone health, and stomach function, and even helps with weight loss.

The latest generation of ionizers from Waterlux is here!

The Waterlux 9 Plate Alkaline Water Ionizer available in either countertop or undersink modes, fits any home or kitchen. The process is very simple, but has astounding results. First the water is purified by the dual stage filters to provide an initial purification. Next the water enters a chamber of electrodes and UV light to kill all harmful bacteria and viruses. Finally the water is released with the optimal pH, of your choice, high ORP, and rich in hydrogen.  Your disinfected water can be used in a variety of ways, from combating acne, to disinfecting surfaces throughout your home.

The enlarged size of the platinum titanium plates allows the machine to effectively produce low and high pH alkaline water without depending on your water flow. There is no need for any additional purification systems due to the multilayer technology that fully purifies and sterilize tap water.

Size (LxWxH): 13.8 x 13.8 x 6 inches Weight: 16.10 lbs

Filter Accuracy: Up to 0.01μm, 99.999%Filter


  • 1st Filter:  One Sediment Layer, One Activated Carbon Layer and Two High Density Sediment Layers
  • 2nd Filter: Three High Density Sediment Layers, Two Activated Carbon Layers and  Calcium Ball Ceramic Layer

WL9 Alkaline Water Ionizer will calculate Filter Life and will alarm the owner when it’s time to replace filters

Set of 2

Replacement Filters: (Contains both 1st and 2nd Replacement Filters)

Weight 16.1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 13.8 × 13.8 in



Countertop, Under Sink

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Waterlux has been providing South Florida with clean and beautiful water since 2006. It is a family owned and operated company that prioritizes customer relations and simplicity in service. We are proud to offer you a full range of original products as well as the trusted products of our partners.

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